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Keeping Up With Tech

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Technology is a very important factor in keeping us ahead of the competition and as a front runner when trying to achieve new business acquisitions and revenue growth. With the resources, we have available we are able to provide bespoke technological solutions for our customers as well as our standard solutions such as;

  • Scan on/off applications
  • Geo-tracking
  • Smartphone booking apps
  • Management apps
  • Driver and passenger apps 
  • Live reporting platform

Within the next two years, we plan to roll out GPS tracking through smartphones to every driver carrying out services for CoachHire. The implementation of technologies drives progress in the industry and is fast being recognised by clients as a method by which we can improve the services rendered in areas such as safety and cost effectiveness.

A big part of our job at the moment is raising awareness of the types of technologies available to complement, improve and monitor services the clients receive. Our overall strategy is to establish these types of techs as a standard demand for clients in the future, strengthening our market position whilst delivering more accurate and accountable services to the end user.

One such example of our advancement in technology is the latest tracking and monitoring system we have developed called, School Travel Manager, also known as STM.


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