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RCR Tomlinson Ltd

RCR Tomlinson work together as a team using vast engineering intelligence to create a better and more productive place for people to live. RCR work alongside some of the leading global companies to provide integrated solutions across the infrastructure, energy and resources sectors.

RCR are fully committed to safety, as well as performance excellence and to develop productive, mutually beneficial, and sustainable partnerships with the community and their clients.

Their values include:

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RCR Tomlinson Ltd


Logistics and Requirements

There were two contracts that RCR had logistical transportation problems with. The Haughton Solar Farm and the Daydream and Hayman Solar Farm.

RCR contacted CoachHire for the Haughton Solar Farm Project and to provide transport planning, management, and charter services to provide workers transportation to the depot to the farm on a daily basis.

There would be two hundred passengers on a daily basis that would have to be transported to the site to work on constructing the farm.

The Daydream and Hayman Solar Farm project was slightly different in the fact that there was to be a provision of twelve dry hire mining spec vehicles to transport six hundred passengers daily to and from the site.

Obviously, both services had to have the capacity of providing vehicles that were fit for use and could deliver a prompt and efficient service every single day.


The CoachHire Solution

Both contacts threw up the logistical problems of ensuring workers got to their place of work on time to start their duties, every single day without fail. In the case of the Daydream and Hayman Solar Farm project specific mining specification vehicles were requested.

Firstly it was important that CoachHire Bus Hire Pty Ltd could operate a regular and efficient service. As one of the leading group transportation companies in Australia, we are perfectly geared up to offer modern transportation that could handle the volume of passengers and be on time as per the schedule every day.

Secondly, the CoachHire fleet is one of the few group transportation fleets in Australia that could comfortably provide the quality of vehicles that would suit the job. Each vehicle could meet all the specifications required and transport the workers safely and efficiently.

Because of this, we could guarantee first-class service each and every day, plus there was plenty of room for expansion should extra workers be needed.

The partnership between CoachHire Bus Hire and RCR certainly delivered on all counts until completion of the contract in September 2018. The logistical and requirement problems facing transporting so many workers to a difficult working environment were overcome which ensured a reliable and efficient worker transportation service.

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