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Adecco are the world’s leading recruitment expert with more than thirty thousand employees operating in sixty countries with over five thousand branches. They are committed to providing connections between businesses and talent to enhance the organisation and to provide long term career paths.


In Australia they assist job seekers nationwide to find the correct employer fit no matter what industry or market you are looking at. There are nineteen Adecco offices all over Australia, all staffed by local employees who know the market inside out. That means they are busy connecting the right people with the right companies.

Every year Adecco assists in helping thousands of people find exciting new careers, and at any given time in Australia, there are two and a half thousand temporary employees.

If you are looking for employment then check out their website or their other media channels.

Logistics and Requirements

There was a need for transport planning, management and provision of service for staff contracted to Toyota by Adecco. This was for a two-month contract and one hundred people were to be transported on a daily basis.

A shuttle service was to be provided at the following times:

The CoachHire Solution

Of primary importance was that CoachHire Bus Hire Pty Ltd could operate a regular and efficient service. And as one of the leading group transportation companies in Australia, we are perfectly geared up to offer modern transportation that could handle the volume of passengers and be on time as per the schedule every day.

CoachHire drivers are all local to the area that they operate in, and they know the importance of being prompt and keeping to schedules. They are also trained to be friendly and helpful and always are properly attired.

Finally, the fleet at CoachHire is one of the best and largest in the business. Each vehicle meets all government safety specifications and is regularly maintained to the highest standards. Because of this, we could guarantee first-class service each and every day, plus there was plenty of room for expansion.

The partnership between CoachHire Bus Hire and Adecco was perfect and worked on many levels until the contract finished in October 2018. The logistical and requirement problems faced ensuring a reliable and efficient transportation service were tricky, but working together they certainly were overcome.

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