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Go Kart / Track Day Sydney

With some of the biggest go kart complexes in Australia, if not the Southern Hemisphere, go kart / track day enthusiasts in Sydney have plenty of choices. We’ve given you a few ideas in our blog. The choice however is yours.

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Go Kart / Track Day Sydney – Ultimate Karting Sydney

Ultimate Karting Sydney is at Smeaton Grange and what a go kart / track day experience you’ll have here. The track is billed as all weather and there are over 30 prime racing go karts available for hire. The track is 450 metres long and it’s a 450 metres of delightful sweeps, bends, curves and straights.

When you’ve finished your racing for the day, or evening, head into our licensed restaurant for refuelling and refreshments. Our menu is as good as our racetrack! There is also a gaming arcade and motion simulators to play with as well.

Ultimate Karting Sydney Extreme Indoor Go-Karting Fastlane Karting Sydney Luddenham Raceway Picton Karting Track


Go Kart / Track Day Sydney – Extreme Indoor Go-Karting

Extreme Indoor Go-Karting at Villawood is another go kart facility that offers the ultimate in go kart racing. There are 3 state of the art tracks designed to cater for different levels of ability and experience. From rookie right through to very experienced.

The team behind the complex have over 15 years experience and they’ve brought this to bear when designing these tracks. They feature distance, speed and superb design. Ultimately, this means an unbeatable driving experience for you, the driver.


Go Kart / Track Day Sydney - Fastlane Karting Sydney

Fastlane Karting Sydney is a family friendly go kart complex in Minto. Their speciality is catering not just for go kart driving fans but also in providing family friendly entertainment and a great day out.

Their twin karts are ideal for parents with youngsters in toe; just strap them in beside you and off you go. For the older kids, there are junior karts and a specially designed junior track. And for the big kids AKA adults, there are senior karts that can go a handy 55kph on the 570 metre racing track.


Go Kart / Track Day Sydney – Luddenham Raceway

Luddenham Raceway is a multi purpose motor sports venue in Luddenham in Sydney’s southwest. It caters for cars, bikes and driver training as well as go kart racing. There is also an outdoor paintball complex available.

This is a great place to head to for a spot of night racing with ample flood lighting and tracks catering for both children and adults available.

Ultimate Karting Sydney Extreme Indoor Go-Karting Fastlane Karting Sydney Luddenham Raceway Picton Karting Track


Go Kart / Track Day Sydney

For something a little more rustic and rural in nature give Picton Karting Track a go. The track is one of the best rural tracks you’ll find anywhere in Australia but it’s still close enough to Sydney to make at trip here viable.

The venue provides a range of different karts to ensure you’ll be fitted out with one just right for your ability and experience. There are junior karts, adult karts, corporate karts and clubman racing karts for the real speed junkies.

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