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Whale Watching – Sunshine Coast

Have you ever seen a humpback whale up close in real life? Do you want to experience some magical sightings with these incredible humpback whales? Come board Whale One Mooloolaba for an adventure cruise of fascinating whale watching.

The Whale One Mooloolaba have luxurious vessels to provide guests exclusive cruises to see these magnificent mammals. If you plan to partake in a search of these majestic humpback whales, the best season runs from June to November on the beautiful ocean of Sunshine Coast.

This whale encounter will be a memorable and rewarding thing to see them live in action for a once in a lifetime experience.

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Whale Facts

Did you know that when humpback whales migrate they have to leave their main food source which is “krill” and have to survive for at least six months by relying on their stored fat called “blubber”? Their lungs are the same size of a compact car, hence humpback whales can hold their breath underwater for more than half an hour.

Did you know that if humans have fingerprints different to one another, humpback whales tails have different characteristics that works like our fingerprints too? Each whale has a different tail pattern that helps us identify one whale from another.

Did you know that in the mid–1960’s the humpback whales population has gone down for about 400 left only? They were slaughtered by commercial whaling and around 40,000 whales died from this incident. The humpback whales were killed for their “blubbers” and the meat is turned into stock feed for consumption of Australian farmers. Since then their numbers have severely depleted and people started in making actions to preserve the species of these magnificent mammals.

From then on, authorities in Australia placed them into protection management, and banned them from commercial whaling. Thus, the humpback whales total population increased to around 13,000 in 2011 and continues to grow by 11% each year. Humpback whales protection management doesn’t apply only in Australian waters but also extends in the neighboring countries.

For more reads of facts and information about humpback whales, see their website.

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Whale Watching

Whale One Vessel

The Whale One has a length of 65 feet and built for pure luxury. The features include large cabin areas, cozy plush seats, licensed bar, toilet facilities and full walk-around decks for viewing. Aside from whale watching cruise, it is also available for parties, corporate functions, ceremonial occasions, lunch and sunset cruises, or any burial rites at sea.

Whale One can carry a total of 100 passengers out to the sea and comfortably 115 passengers in enclosed waters. It comprises of three main sections namely:

Lower Deck Cabin – can comfortably seat 40 people with tables and a fully licensed bar offering all sorts of beverages.

Open Air Upper Deck – can seat comfortably about 30 people with excellent weather protection.

Air Conditioned Upper Deck – has dining tables and can seat 10 to 20 people total. It is also available for privately hired.

These luxurious vessels are also fitted with large flat screens to show some videos or slideshows from the highlights of the trip. Whale One is accompanied with an informative commentary broadcasted throughout the journey. And also, it has live music entertainment and an onboard professional photographer to capture everyone's memorable moments on camera.

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Whale Watching

Wild One Vessel

The Wild One is the newest and fastest vessel for a whale watching experience on the Sunshine Coast. It is fitted with a comfortable seats, and is economical and swift to take passengers in the magical world of whale sightings. It was built to have a 360–degree uninterrupted water level view for a closer and easier watch of these incredible whales.

Wild One features four 350 hp engine Yamaha outboards to speedily cruise its way to the sea. It is one of the most fuel efficient and low emission engine of its kind to–date. All seats have shocks to eliminate vibration & bouncing while seated and they still remain comfortable even traveling at faster speed. Getting to the site will take less time so more time is left for your whale experience!

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