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Sea Life Aquarium – Sunshine Coast

The SEA LIFE on the Sunshine Coast is a famous multi–award winning aquarium and one of the top tourist attractions for the family. It is situated in the heart of Queensland’s region at central Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.

SEA LIFE on the Sunshine Coast has 11 themed zones that showcase thousands of aquatic animals giving unique opportunities for visitors to explore. Everyone will sure be in for a treat! So discover or interact with these beautiful and magnificent aquatic animals to learn more about them by visiting.

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Sea Life Aquarium


Here are the SEA LIFE different themed zones that each offers a unique experience:

Shipwreck Shores – is a shipwreck themed structure with three levels of fun and adventure. It features climbing frames, twisty slides and lots of enjoyable obstacles. This zone is guaranteed to make your kids amused for hours and already included in the admission fee price.

Seal Island – Come and see the resident seals located in the lower level. Have your photo taken and enjoy the educational interactives with them. They have two daily scheduled presentation and offer numerous seal interactive experiences.

Tidal Touch Pools – This section offers an interactive experience to touch a variety of marine animals. Accompanied by expert educational team teaching all about the marine animals found in the Tidal Touchpool. So be ready to get wet and touch star fishes, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and much more.

Seahorse Sanctuary – There are 47 species of seahorses known to the world and you have a chance to meet some of these amazing sea animals. See three species of seahorses and be enchanted with their gentle movement and their courtship dances. You will see the Leafy seadragons, Big–belly and Weedy seahorses in the Seahorse Sanctuary.

Pacific Reef – In this zone, you will see an abundance of colours and a diverse marine life living together. Discover the large collections of tropical fish and other marine animals like clownfish, anemones, corals, clams and much more. Visit the Pacific Reef tank to view some of the fascinating marine life found in the Great Barrier Reef.

Coastal Wreck – This zone has a collection of marine life found in Australia’s oceans. It has over 10 species of fishes and a variety of marine life that includes Lionfish, Moray eels, Octopus and more tropical fishes. So come and check out some of the species found in this zone.

Shark Shipwreck – There are eight species of shark collections in this zone for the visitors to view. For shark enthusiast, they even have options to dive with the sharks. The schedule of dives are available daily and an option to pre–booked online as well.

Bay of Rays – This zone is all about stingrays. It houses a large collection of different stingrays in this seawater tank. The collection of rays includes common stingrays, spotted eagle rays, cownose rays and much more.

Billabongs – This is an Australian word that means still water or stagnant pool. Billabongs are connected to the Freshwater Streams – home of the different kinds of freshwater fishes.

Freshwater Streams – This zone is a home of all freshwater aquatic life. From the freshwater crocodile – Marge, to the giant Asian sea bass “Barramundi”, the subfamily of arowanas “Saratoga” and lots more.

Jellyfish Kingdom – This zone is filled with two species of jellyfish and view them on how they swim in slow motion around the tank. Then wonder at their infinite colours and ghost–like forms up close. So make sure not to miss out checking these majestic creatures gracefully swimming in this section.

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Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Activities

SEA LIFE on the Sunshine Coast have loads of activities. From meeting the resident seals to underwater close encounter with sharks in the main oceanarium. Here are the list of SEA LIFE activities that you could choose from.

Shark Snorkel Adventure – Swim and snorkel in the surface water to view over 20 species of sharks, stingrays, giant groupers and other variety of fishes. This unique experience will last for 20 minutes and be accompanied by your briefing instructor throughout the duration.

Shark Dive Xtreme – For a much closer encounter experience and swimming with sharks, turtles and array of fishes. The dive will last for 30 minutes with no diving certificate or experience needed.

Seal Experiences – There are three types of seal experiences to choose from. The Seal Swim adventure includes feeding the seals, a swimming session and having your photos taken with one of the beautiful resident seals. The Seal Encounter is a fantastic up-close experience with the resident seals. You can touch their fur or whiskers and even shake their flippers. The Seal Trainer for a day is an excellent package, if you're looking for a unique experience with the seals. You will start with a personal tour of behind the scenes area on the Seal Island. Then participate in feeding the seals, health checks, Seal Encounter experience and have loads of photos taken for these experiences.

Sleep Under The Sea – Explore and discover what activities these marine animals engage at night time. This experience includes a sleepover in the SEA LIFE, a night time and behind the scene tour, a Seal presentation and a two course meal. Best recommended for school holiday programs, family and group sleepovers.

We also recommend other school field trips on the Sunshine Coast for fun and learning activities great for the kids.

Ocean Ranger Program – This gives an opportunity for kids to feed and touch the underwater animals of SEA LIFE. The packages includes animal feeding and encounters, seal presentation, behind the scenes tour and activities, photos taken from the day and a certificate of participation.

Birthday Parties – The SEA LIFE is also open to celebrate your kids birthday. You will have four birthday party packages to choose from to make the celebration an unforgettable experience. So make sure to book in advance to secure the venue for the celebration.


Sea Life Aquarium

Ticket Prices Sea Life

Tickets are sold with range of options from Day tickets, Annual pass, Merlin annual pass, Weekdays specials and Group of 10 or more. Tickets are also available in Behind the scenes tour and Flexi dates.

There is a 10% discount if you purchase your tickets online. Ticket prices will also vary depending on the date selected. So visit their site to view other ticket packages and for more detailed information.

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