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3 Great Team Building Activities in The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a haven for surfers, rowers and canoeists with its stunning location. With rivers, hinterland and the open ocean, there are so many activities for outdoors activities to choose from. If you are looking for team building activities then there are so many options open to you.

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You may have seen Survivor challenges on TV as it is a successful series that has been running for years. It places a group of people on a deserted island and they must fend for themselves, finding water, food, fire and shelter to survive.

The Survivor team building challenge is not quite as extreme but it is based around the same survival instincts and team collaboration to ensure a good outcome.

The key benefits of the activity include building negotiation skills, problem solving, teamwork and team interaction. The group is split into ‘tribes’ who must work together to be the last tribe standing. The activity takes place in a large park or bush area with open areas and can handle team sizes of between 20 and 300.

Team Building Events Sunshine Coast


Operation Codebreaker

For a real combination of activities thrown into one great challenge, Operation Codebreaker is one of the best team building events you can try.

You can combines mountain biking and trekking into the challenge to help your teams solve their cryptic clues together. The team must search for hidden clues that will enable them to complete all of the check points. First team to complete it and return wins the navigation challenge. The key benefits of this team building events are: Strategy, planning, teamwork and not forgetting the all-important one – fun! Catering for groups of between 5 and 200, this half-day activity will have your teams working as one and striving to be overall winners.


The Amazing Team Race

Another activity that has been inspired by a popular TV series, Amazing Race is the perfect activity for team building. It can be customised to your needs, so if you want it to start in the office and finish in a restaurant then so be it!

Each team is provided with an equipment pack including their mission brief featuring a series of questions and challenges that they must overcome. Team collaboration and problem solving skills are required and your team will work together in a way they never have before. As they pit their wits against their rival teams, they will bond over their joint goals and learn to communicate in new ways.

With a wide range of tasks that will take many team members out of their comfort zones, you may see a side to your team players that you have never seen before. There are individual skill and bravado challenges, and the tasks are able to draw people out of their formal office personality to become a team hero for the day.

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