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Go Kart / Track Day Perth

Perth has some international standard sporting venues and amongst them are a couple of go kart tracks. So if you’re looking for a go kart / track day outing in Perth, you have some excellent choices available. From high powered racing karts on dirt karts, indoor racing and outdoor racing, Perth has it all for go kart fans. Learn more about some of these tracks in our blog.

If you can rustle up a group of like-minded fans to take with you, CoachHire can help with the transport. Our super reliable group transportation in Perth is a great and convenient way to get a group to a go kart / track day without the hassle of individual cars. Contact us today for more information about our fleet of mini buses and coaches.


Go Kart / Track Day Perth – Kart World Belmont

Kart World Belmont is one of Perth’s oldest and most popular go kart centres. Conveniently located for easy access and close enough to the CBD for corporate functions, this place has seen plenty of go kart action over the years.

It’s open every day of the year bar Christmas Day so you can lob up for some racing fun any day of the week between 10 am and 10 pm. A quick phone call first will ensure there are enough karts available as it can get pretty busy.

Kart World Belmont The Kart Centre Cockburn International Kartway Wanneroo International Kart Way Dirt Trackers Kart Club


Go Kart / Track Day Perth – The Kart Centre

The Kart Centre is an indoor go kart racetrack in Canning Vale, a northern suburb. Its major drawcard is the state of the art racing circuit that was designed by kart races for kart racers. There are also double karts available for hire so you can take a passenger along with you as you zoom around the challenging track. As a safety feature all karts have an electronic speed governor.

The venue has function rooms, a café and various other attractions so it isn’t just about go karts. It’s ideal for group functions, group outings and for anyone just wanting a great day out at a go kart / track day in Perth.


Go Kart / Track Day Perth – Cockburn International Kartway

Cockburn International Kartway, also known as Cockburn International Raceway, is currently operated by Mega Fast Karts. It’s located alongside the beach at Henderson, one of Perth’s southern suburbs. The track is just over a kilometre in length and 8 metres wide. It has been resurfaced and now provides for superior and extremely fast go kart racing.

There are a range of different karts available for hire to suit all ages and driving experiences. The venue is open 6 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays. Just call ahead for availability.


Go Kart / Track Day Perth – Wanneroo International Kart Way

Real go kart racing on a real racetrack. That’s the experience that awaits you at the Wanneroo International Kart Way. The track is the same one the V8 super cars use at Barbagello Raceway! But this isn’t any ordinary go kart racing. Nor are these just ordinary go karts!

These twin-engine super karts are high powered, finely tuned racing machines that can go faster than some cars. So if you feel up to hurtling around a V8 track at speeds in excess of 100kph, this one is for you!

Kart World Belmont The Kart Centre Cockburn International Kartway Wanneroo International Kart Way Dirt Trackers Kart Club


Go Kart / Track Day Perth – Dirt Trackers Kart Club

For something a little less powerful but no less enjoyable and fun, check out the Dirt Trackers Kart Club at Oldbury. Dirt Kart racing keeps go kart racing affordable. It can also be enjoyed by children as young as 5.

The DTKC has had several venues over the years since their inception back in 1992 but they’ve been at their current location now for over 22 years.

CoachHire offers the convenience of low cost coach hire in Perth for any type of group outing. Large or small, we have mini buses and coaches to suit. Give us a call, or contact us through our website, for help with all your group transport requirements.

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