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3 Brilliant Ideas for Team Building in Melbourne

A successful business is generally one where teams excel at collaborating and working towards one goal together. The importance of team building shouldn’t be underestimated, not only can it improve engagement within your team, it can also enable colleagues to understand people better and develop strong working relationships that are more conducive to helping each other to reach a shared objective. Investing a small fee in arranging team building activities will no doubt lead to much greater returns and you will soon see the difference that a great team building event can make. We have rounded up 3 of the most productive team building ideas that you will find in the Melbourne area. To cover your travel arrangements, organise bus hire with a driver in Melbourne.

Outdoor Adventures

Melbourne is a stunning city and it has hard to appreciate it if you spend a large amount of time in the office. Get your team into the great outdoors and see Melbourne at its finest. There are a large number of outdoor adventures to choose from that will be both enjoyable and will provide great opportunity for team building. The magnificent Yarra River and the stunning coastal area provide an exciting and beautiful setting for many water sports adventures including kayaking, paddle boarding, white water rafting and much more. Prefer to stay on dry land? How about abseiling and/or rock-climbing? You could even make a full day of it and finish off a fun-filled day of adventure with a more relaxed trip to a winery for some food and wine tasting.

Team Building in Melbourne

Amazing Race

Based on the TV show, The Amazing Race events are a popular choice across Australia and are perfect to enhance team building. Splitting into teams, each team will face a number of challenges in a race against the clock. The challenges consist of problem-solving activities as well as some really fun games and feedback from people who have participated in events say that this is an excellent idea for team building. The event is designed so that there is a lot of flexibility in terms of starting points. This is great if you want everyone to start off at the office going into what they think is going to be just another boring meeting – the element of surprise will add to the fun. The Amazing Race is highly enjoyable and allows colleagues to work together to solve clues and try to win the race.


Team Building in MelbourneGuinness World Records Team Challenge

At BeChallenged, give your team the chance to break records in the Guinness World Records Team Challenge, in a day of problem solving a strategic thinking. The team will be presented with official guidelines to see if they can take on some of the world records. This activity is guaranteed to make people think outside of the box and have a lot of fun along the way. The team at Be Challenged offer a range of team building exercises and you can tailor them to your desired outcomes. So if you are looking to move people out of their comfort zones, work together on a common goal or simply have fun, you can select the appropriate activity. Team building activities can do so much for a group of colleagues, from making them feel more appreciated to helping them work more productively with their team members. A day out of the office could give your team a timely boost and lead to much higher productivity, so why not look into some of these ideas?


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