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What are The Bucks Co most popular bucks party ideas? Tell us what you think!

We at The Bucks Co think we have a finger on the pulse of what is hot in Bucks party circles. We speak to blokes daily about their ideas and where we can lend an experienced hand to ensure the day has the best of everything. Ultimately we want to deliver a bucks party that really encapsulates the feel and vibe a group of mates have for each other.

Do we know best? Hell no! Which is why we want to update you regularly with what other Bucks parties are exploring and booking.

Below we have our top 5 researched Bucks party ideas and packages for the months of August and September… Not up your Candice Alley? No sweat, we’ve got plenty more available and a customer service team we’d rather have working on your package than watching NFL Red Zone, so drop us a line! Note – Red Zone is the bomb though. So maybe call after 10 am on Mondays.

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5. Byron Bay Hinterland Bucks Tour

The sun shines most days on the East Coast of Australia, so no surprises we’ve had plenty of enquiries to head that way. The Hinterland Pub tour is a perfect, uncomplicated Byron Bay Bucks party that takes you to 4 cracking pubs and a tour of the Stone and Wood Brewery. The Pacific Ale leads the pack from their delicious portfolio.


4. Paintball

Buck Party Ideas The Bucks Co

An old Bucks party fave. Paintball pits mate against mate and will leave many bruised and battered. A great bonding activity for the bigger Bucks parties when a few lesser-seen cousins flying in. It goes without saying, but there will never be a better opportunity to pin the future father-in-law from your spot in the bushes. A favourite for a Gold Coast bucks party.

3. Golf and Pub Tour

Buck Party Ideas The Bucks Co

Poker caters for all, from the expert card counters, to those who last had a card win by throwing a clever ‘Draw 4’ at Mum during a heated Uno game. A few of the cheekier requests have seen a topless waitress/dealer thrown in for good measure. For the poorer card players, the distraction. A punters paradise in Melbourne.


2. Golf and Pub Tour

Plenty of love coming through for the Golf and Pub tour nationwide. A morning tee-off time with some cart hire gets the competitive juices flowing. Clubs can be provided so the only carry on required is a suitable outfit for the Buck. A quick presentation ceremony and you’re off to a few select pubs/breweries to sample and enjoy the best craft beer on the market. The Gold Coast has this one covered.


1. Boat Cruise

Buck Party Ideas The Bucks Co

Not a complete surprise as number one, but a runaway favourite for many bucks out there. With many States still coming out of winter, naturally the thought of soaking up some Vitamin C while sucking back a few cold ones ticks plenty of boxes. With plenty of flexibility with things like music, ‘entertainment’ and sights to see, the boat cruise well and truly sits top of the table…Clearly Sydney tops the list here.

Why use The Bucks Co?

Organising a bucks party for a group of friends can be stressful and time consuming job. That’s where we come in, servicing 11 destinations across Australia including Sydney, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Airlie Beach and The Gold Coast.

Why put yourself through the stress, when our friendly team can arrange all your hotel, transfer, activity and entertainment bookings for you. Plus given our strong relationships with our great supply partners we are able to provide you with very competitive pricing and ensure that hotels, nightclubs and activity providers welcome your group with open arms. All you need to do it sit back, relax and enjoy the praise from your group for organising such a well thought-out event.

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