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Planning a Wedding Abroad

The biggest day of your life may also end up being the most expensive day in your life. A recent survey did the average cost breakdown of the typical Australian wedding and it came to a staggering $35,000.

Food, alcohol & venue at $32,000, wedding clothing $4,000, photography $4,000, entertainment $3,000, flowers $3,000 and so on. So it is hardly surprising that more couples are opting to get married abroad.

The option of getting hitched in some romantic far-away place is so tempting and the choice of destinations almost limitless. Getting married abroad may not end up being cheaper but it also allows for an exotic honeymoon after.

Coach Hire Coach Hire can provide excellent airport transport services for you and your party to start your journey perfectly. The wedding party will arrive together and on time for one of the most important flights of your life.

Factors to Plan Your Wedding Abroad

There are many factors you need to take on board if you are considering getting married abroad.

Planning a Wedding Abroad?


  • Check if the marriage will be legal in Australia - many tropical and far flung places offer beach weddings. But be sure they are actually legal and that the union stands up to Australian law. The owner of Bob’s Beach Bar may not be licenced to carry out any wedding ceremonies.
  • Understand the different cultures of places abroad - it may be okay for bucks and hens parties to rock the pubs and clubs of downtown Sydney, but is this also the case in other places?
  • Hire a Wedding Planner - good advice is to hire a local planner in the country you have chosen. They can source key suppliers, go to venues, organise entertainment etc.
  • Book Early - ensure that if you want family and friends to join you, then plan well ahead for a wedding abroad. Flights, popular locations, hotels can easily get booked up.
  • Create your Invite list with care - will your aunt fly hours to your wedding? The same question applies to your workmates and friends? Weddings abroad are a big ask on your guests, so think carefully and streamline your guests who will actually go.
  • Take out insurance - there are always risks, nut being thousand of miles from home tend to amplify them. Discuss your plans with your insurer to ensure both you and your party are fully covered.

Getting Married In the UK

The UK has always been a popular destination for Australians to get married, many Australians have family in the UK and the culture is perfect for them.

Once you have planned your wedding day abroad the first thing you will need is a transportation partner. As soon as your wedding party arrives in the UK you will need group airport transfer. And City Mini Bus and Coach Hire are your perfect wedding transport partner whilst you are in the UK.

If you plan your wedding abroad correctly then there is no reason whatsoever that it will not turn out to be the best day of your life, and an experience to cherish for all time.

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