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20 Epic Australian Bucket List Experiences

Do you have a bucket list?

If you are currently travelling Australia or you are due a visit you should definitely check out these 20 Epic Australian Experiences to add to your Bucket List. There is so much to see in Australia, and to provide you with only 20 I am having to leave out a lot more fantastic destinations. So in no particular order have a browse through this list of 20.


What is A Bucket List

A bucket list is, a list of things that you want to do before you die. It actually gained its popularity after the 2007 movie ‘The Bucket List’. In the film, they create a list of things to do before they die - and actually do them.


Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

Bucket List Australia

If you are in South Australia you need you find your way to Port Lincoln. This is the only place you can cage dive with Great White Sharks in Australia. Calypso Star Charters offer a unique experience when it comes to Shark Cage Diving and they say that, ‘more people choose to cage dive with us than any other Shark Cage Diving operator in Australia’.

They offer some more experiences but this has to be the most exhilarating. (Picture from Calypso Star Charters)


Crocodile Diving, Darwin

Bucket List Australia


Welcome to the Cage of Death, Crocosaurus Cove is Australia’s only crocodile dive experience. Since its opening in July 2008, Crocosaurus Cove has evolved this exciting interaction when it comes to these iconic reptiles on the top of the food chain.

This venue houses around 200 crocodiles, including some of the largest Saltwater Crocodiles on the the planet. This venue is extremely popular with both the locals and tourists. The Cage of Death operates 12 times per day and you can either dive alone or with a friend. If you dare. (Picture from Crocosaurus Cove)


Witness the Sun Set Over Uluru

Bucket List Australia

The Field of Light Pass is the magnificent Field of Light experience that begins with a transfer to the remote desert location with a grand view of Uluru. To catch the last sunrays that hit Uluru is absolutely breathtaking as the sun makes its way behind.

This experience is provided by Uluru Travel and is only for a limited time till March 2018. As the light eventually fades the coloured lights of the glass spheres are illuminated providing you with a magical experience. (Picture from Uluru Travel)


Swim with Whale Sharks

Bucket List Australia

The Whale Shark is the biggest shark in the world and to have a close up swim with these creatures is an experience too good to miss. Ningaloo Whale Sharks can guarantee you an unbelievable wonder-filled day cruising and diving the Ningaloo Reef.

You can actually witness a lot more than Whale Sharks as you can also see some migrating whales, manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, turtles, corals, and all types of fish. (Picture from Ningaloo Whale Sharks)


Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

Bucket List Australia

If you are in Sydney then you should definitely take the climb of your life to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb Sydney. You will have a Climb Leader as your guide and you will be suited up and you will start to ascend.

The climb to the summit is 134 meters above the harbour and there are four different climbs you can do to reach the top. With a 360 degree panorama of Sydney this unforgettable experience needs to be ticked off your list. (Picture from Bridge Climb Sydney)

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Visit Arnhem Land

Bucket List Australia

Arnhem Land is one of Australia’s last true wilderness areas is is the North’s most spectacular natural destinations. With stunning scenery, remote island and plenty of things to explore visit Northern Territory to find out why you should come here. (Picture from Northern Territory)


Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

Bucket List Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is just off the coast of Queensland and is actually, the largest living thing on earth. The 2,300 km long ecosystem comprises thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands made up of over 600 types of hard and soft coral. It’s that large that you can see it from outer space!

The best way to fully experience the Great Barrier Reef is to tag along with some of the local Dive Schools such as Pro Dive Cairns. They provide a 3 Day Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Trip which give you the opportunity to show you the very best the Outer Barrier Reef has to offer. (Picture from Pro Dive Cairns)


Drive the Great Ocean Road

Bucket List Australia

One of Australia's best scenic drives, the Great Ocean Road is a fantastic 3 day self-drive touring route.

You will start on a 90 minute drive from Melbourne and it will take you past stunning scenery, past beaches and through magnificent rainforest. There are plenty of wildlife along the route so it is great for the kids. You will be able to find these at the lookout points along the way.

The whole route spans 400 kilometre (249 miles) from the town of Torquay to Nelson on the South Australian border. (Picture from Visit Melbourne)


Eagle Rock Adventures – Empress Canyon

Bucket List Australia

Have you ever experienced canyoning before? This Canyon provides you with amazing rainforest scenery with rock jumps from 2m up to 5m and a massive 30m final jump. Don’t worry, you are with professionals and you will be issued with all the necessary gear to help you conquer this Canyon.

It is great for all types of abilities, you will need a moderate level of fitness, be in good health and comfortable in water, as it is three hours of fun. If this is something you may not want to partake in, Eagle Rock Adventures do host other exciting activities such as, kayaking, hiking and abseiling. (Picture from Eagle Rock Adventures)


Australia Zoo

Bucket List Australia

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia Zoo provides you with the ultimate wildlife adventure and, It is the home to Irwins. Steve and Terri Irwin’s vision was to make Australia Zoo the biggest and best wildlife conservation facility in the world. They have done just that. There is plenty to see and do here and it is great for the whole family.

Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to see some of the strangest to the cutest animals on earth, but to also educate you about animal conservation. (Picture From Australia Zoo)

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Bucket List Australia

The ultimate high! With many locations around Australia giving you the opportunity to ascend up to 14,000 and freefall at over 200km/h for an insane, adrenaline pumping skydive. With the Skydive Australia Crew, you are in safe hands. They have some great packages available depending and whether you want to show your friends a video of you flying you can have a camera man film you the whole time.

There are plenty of places Skydive are located in Australia, so why not go and check them out and do something you’ll never have done before. (Picture from Skydive Australia)


Go Wine Tasting

Bucket List Australia

With Over 2400 wineries within the 65 wine regions around Australia, there are plenty of wineries you can visit. Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia can give you the best of tastes and wineries Australia has. Whether you are in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia or Tasmania, there will a winery experience near you.

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Go Sandboarding

Bucket List Australia

Kalbarri is located in Western Australia and is around 600km north of Perth. Offering a half day of sandboarding fun, this action packed day can be seen by all age groups. If you have ever been snowboarding before then you will love sandboarding.

The day will consist of a 280 foot high sand crater which is where the fun begins. Lunch will be on the beach and after you can enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the waters of the Lucky Bay Lagoon. For more information contact Sandboarding Australia.


4WD Tours

Bucket List Australia

Four wheel drive tours allow you to get off the beaten track and travel into some wild places in Australia. The 4WD tours that are available are so much fun and you will not be disappointed.

As these tours allow you to go off road with these specially equipped vehicles can get to those places where regular cars and buses can not. Giving you the opportunity to see things that not many people have seen. Check out Real Aussie Adventures for more info.


Visit Wave Rock & Hippo’s Yawn, Hyden, Western Australia

Bucket List Australia

Wave Rock is a cliff that is formed from granite and stands at almost 15 meters high and 110 meters long. It’s shape has been caused by weathering and water erosion and is said to be 2700 millions years old, which is amongst the oldest landmark in Australia.

This historic landmark is a great day out. If you are visiting in the spring, look out for the beautiful array of orchids and other flowers growing around.

The Hippo’s Yawn is again unusually shaped granite and can be found next to Wave Rock. Come and find out to see for yourself!

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Rottnest Island

Bucket List Australia

Rottnest Island is just offshore from the city of Perth in Western Australia. The Island is a protected nature reserve and is home to the Quokka, a small wallaby-like marsupial. The Island is engulfed with white sandy beaches and secluded coves, it really is paradise on the Island.

There is loads of activities to do on the Island, so whether you are a couple on a romantic retreat or with a group of friends there is something for everyone. The Rottnest Island is something not to be missed so come and check out what it has to offer.


Nullarbor Links Golf Course

Bucket List Australia

Nullarbor Links Golf Club, is an 18 hole golf course in Western Australia and is said to be the longest golf course in the world. It actually spans 1,365 kilometers from Kalgoorlie to Ceduna in South Australia. Each Hole can be played in a different town along the Eyre Highway.

This is a unique attraction whether you are a keen golfer or not, as it is something you must see. Especially if it's the world's longest. (Picture from Nullarbor Links)


Seal Bay Conservation Park, Kangaroo Island

Bucket List Australia

Kangaroo Island is consistently a top ten tourist destination in South Australia and your trip can not be complete without a visit to Seal Bay. Seal Bay is home to the largest colony of Australian sea lions and you can go to watch them play on the beach and swim in the sea.

The guides will teach you about the sea lion as they are an endangered species. Their total population is only 14,700 and the Seal Bay is the third largest colony.

The breathtaking views of the coastline and the sea lions are a definite bucket list item. So come and have a look for yourself.


Tree Surfing, Mornington Peninsula

Bucket List Australia

After a short trip out of Melbourne you will arrive at the Enchanted Maze who host the amazing tree surfing experience. The climbing tour activity is for both adults and children so there is fun for all the family. With over 50 aerial obstacles, bridges and 5 zip lines, this is a great experience to cross off.

There’s 5 different level of challenges, giant Tarzan swing and rock climbing wall. Come and challenge yourself at the Enchanted Maze. (Picture from Enchanted Maze)


Viewing the Aurora Australis

The Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights, only tend to occur with 30 minutes notice. The Auroras do happen all year round, however you may want to get yourself to Tasmania to see this beautiful night sky.

They say that in September should be the best time for viewing the Southern Lights, however this isn't always the case. If you are wanting to track this phenomenon you must download an app called Star Walk, which is an interactive astronomy guide.

Here’s our take on what we think are the 20 not to be missed epic bucket list experiences in Australia. We’d love to know if your favourite is here, or if you have something else to add.

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