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The Wax Museum Gold Coast

The Wax Museum is located in the centre of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast which was established in 1968. It is known as one of the longest lasting attractions to date in the Surfers Paradise. It houses one of the most vast collections of genuine wax figures in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

At The Wax Museum, you can expect to see figures of famous people such as movie stars, great villains, world leaders, scientists and others. All displayed with astonishing realistic presentation and reproduced and dressed to authentically match their times.

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About Wax Museum Figures

The Wax Museum has a diverse and a vast collection of wax figures. You will find some of the oldest wax figures in Australia that have been in the collection since 1968 from the very first Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. One of the oldest of the collection is the figure of Madame Tussaud which is more than 50 years old.

They have moved from one location to another that has been brought about by the rapid growth of the business. They outgrew their previous locations because they needed a much larger space to displaying their newly obtained wax figures. One of their newest addition to the collections is “Chambers of Horrors” dungeon.

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The Exhibits of Wax Museum

The Wax Museum constantly adds new wax figures and updates their vast collections. Here are the things to see inside museum.

Famous People – This area contains a combination of famous faces such as movie and music stars, politicians and notable people in history. You will sure to recognise many faces found in this area.

Chamber of Horrors – It consists of documents and records from grim history, human cruelty and various torture techniques throughout the history. It is spine–chilling and the only kind of its type in the world.

Dioramas – This area is very popular for the kids. It featured characters of famous nursery rhymes and Australian history. See this pint–sized presentation and admire the attention to details of the effort that has been put in.

Crown Jewels – This area contains full sizes replicas of the Crown Jewels used for coronation rehearsals by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. It has sparkling crowns, stunning swords and grand sceptres and orbs.

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wax museum gold coast figures exhibits


Suppliers of Wax Museum

The wax figures are sourced out from different suppliers all over the world that includes United States, Britain, Europe, Canada, China, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The cost of a new wax figure could range to about $60,000. That is why The Wax Museum is very selective and conscientious in inspecting the quality of the wax figures before commissioning.

Visit with your family and friends The Wax Museum to meet the famous people from the past to the present. You will surely enjoy and have fun in posing and snapping photographs with all the figures. Everyone will also get a chance to learn some of the important things in the past that made history. Come and see The Wax Museum in groups to availing of special discounts on entry fees as well.

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