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Faultless process

Melissa Tingle

We booked a minibus for Thurs 16 September to take our family group of 11 to our sons' wedding in Currumbin Valley. Masuo was our driver, faultless process! Cannot speak highly enough of the service we received. Great price, punctual arrival, and courteous.  Would highly recommend the service to anyone.

All positive

Tom & Becky

The feedback has been all positive from our end. The guests loved the ‘Tom and Becky Wedding’ digital sign at the start of the day. The bus was very modern and the driver(s) courteous. Thanks to the driver later that night who waited for the last people to finish their drinks and departed a little later than expected. Happy to recommend for future functions.

Wonderful experience

Nothando Ngwenya

I would like to confirm that I had a positive experience working with Coach Hire. From the first contact right to the final drop-off my whole team was well taken care of. The Coach Hire team was very prompt with communication throughout the quoting process. They provided all the needed information to help me make my decision and ensure my travelling party was catered for. They were also helpful when I needed to make changes to my quote before the departure date. On the day, the driver Christine was very helpful and professional. She arrived on time, helped us get to our destinations on time, and was available for any communication between trips. The ride was also smooth as she navigated traffic smoothly during peak times. Thanks again for your service; we had a wonderful experience.

Fantastic service

Krystal De Conte

Everything was great thank you. You provide a fantastic service with great communication and have been a pleasure to deal with. Thank you again

Smooth sailing

Deidre Bergen

Everything was smooth sailing from the booking process to the drop-off. Your driver was on time & waiting for us at Crown and the drop–off, even at the peak time of 5:00 pm in the city was easy.

Tidy and respectful

Brian Miller

All great. You as the booking contact, driver on time with a very serviceable clean bus. Michael was very approachable. Tidy and respectful. From the time of contact with Coachhire, through booking and service provided, I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to others.

Coach Hire Comparison - The Importance of Reviews

If you want a job doing around the house and have no contacts for decent builders then the first thing you do is ask family and friends could they recommend somebody. And it is no surprise that many people also turn to the internet.

There are many online reviews about all manner of businesses that you can find online. Take care with posts on an actual website as they may be vetted by the business concerned. However, chat rooms and the like often have truthful information that can be gleaned.

This is exactly the same with coach hire reviews, often you can find great information online. And to help your search independant transport agencies such as Bus Hire Compare have already done most of the investigative work on your behalf.

Coach Hire Comparison - The Importance of Reviews

The Importance of Positive Coach Hire Reviews

A great deal of research has been conducted on the impact good reviews have on a businesses. And the end result is that they are extremely important. Both for the business and the customers looking for a service.

So if your website does not have any online reviews you are certainly at a disadvantage. Certainly many of your competitors will have a section devoted to this and are a step ahead of you.

The research also found that 75% of the people asked in the survey said they would only use a company that had a positive review page.

The Negative Impact of Bad Reviews

On the other side of the coin the research also showed how devastating bad reviews were to a business. Nearly 90% of people stated they would not deal with somebody if there were negative reviews.

It sounds really unfair but just one bad review can impact a company severely. And this may only be from one disgruntled customer.

Using Good Reviews to Boost Profits

Good reviews are powerful because they help a company in two main ways. Firstly it helps the company to gain extra customers and business. But just as importantly it allows the business to charge a premium rate.

As with anything in life, the more stars you have, the more you can charge. In this case the better the reviews, then the higher the profits. Although the average visitor to a website reads less than ten reviews the amount of good reviews is also favourable. It has been proven that 50 plus reviews can help the conversion rate by up to 5%.

Coach Hire Comparison - The Importance of Reviews

The Power of Digital Marketing

Times have changed and marketing influence has altered from traditional methods such as radio, newspapers, magazines, and TV commercials to online digital marketing.

In-depth research on the power of digital marketing shows while only one in three average people trusted TV advertising a whopping 70% trusted online reviews.

In essence online reviews are a powerful tool for good or bad, but the business must understand the industry they are marketing to. When companies do this then they will get the true benefits of online reviews.

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