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As a frequent business traveler,

Jian Qin

As a frequent business traveler, I must say my recent experience with this coach company was top-tier. From the effortless booking process to the pristine condition of the coach and the professionalism of the driver, everything was in line with the high standards required for corporate travel. Kyle Munford was exceptional in ensuring all my travel needs were met with the utmost efficiency. The journey was smooth, punctual, and surprisingly cost-effective, which is a rare find in the world of corporate travel. I\\'ll definitely be using their services for future business trips.

I was thoroughly impressed with

Peter Brazel

I was thoroughly impressed with the service. Kyle Munford made the booking process a breeze. Not only was it easy to use, but they were incredibly responsive to any questions I had. The driver provided top-notch service, showcasing flexibility and a positive attitude when we needed to make some last-minute changes to our schedule. For anyone looking for reliable and high-quality transportation for corporate events, I would highly recommend their services. The value for money was exceptional.

Recently used this coach service

Aaron Spice

Recently used this coach service for an airport transfer and I must say the experience was quite solid. Jayden Masters helped streamline the booking process, which was a breeze. The coach arrived on time, which is always a relief when catching a flight. The driver was professional and navigated through traffic efficiently. The coach itself was clean and comfortable, making the ride smooth. The price point felt right for the level of service provided. Would recommend for hassle-free airport transportation.

I had the pleasure of

Bharati Sutrave

I had the pleasure of booking a coach for our school\\'s Sports Day with Neil Dempsey, and it couldn\\'t have gone smoother. The booking process was hassle-free, and the driver was professional, punctual, and incredibly friendly, making the journey as enjoyable as the event itself. However, while the overall experience was top-notch, I found the cost slightly on the higher side. Despite that, the quality service received was undeniable, and I\\'d consider them again for future school trips.

Coach Hire once again proved

Keaan Nesfield

Coach Hire once again proved to be the epitome of efficiency and reliability for our recent university trip. Chris Burt\\'s attentiveness in fitting our budget, coupled with their proactive approach in ironing out details, made the booking process seamless. The driver\\'s foresight regarding pickup logistics demonstrated their commitment to a smooth experience. While price points can always be more competitive, the value gained from stress-free transport coordination is indisputable. Hats off to Coach Hire for their unwavering dependability in group travel arrangements.

I recently used this coach

Lloyd Hutchison

I recently used this coach service for a sporting event and I have to say, my overall experience was excellent. Booking our trip was a breeze, thanks to Kyle Munford who was an absolute pleasure to work with; efficient and organized, making the process smooth from start to finish. The value for money was exceptional, offering a premium service that didn\\'t break the bank. The coach was on time, which is something I deeply appreciate. However, there was a slight hiccup during the journey. The driver seemed to have a bit of confusion about the appropriate drop-off point for the students. Despite the staff\\'s attempts to direct him, there was a little resistance, which was concerning. Thankfully, it was resolved without any major issue. Despite this, I wouldn\\'t hesitate to recommend their services and will definitely be using them again for future events. The company clearly strives for excellence, and it shows in their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Chartering a Bus

Chartering a bus in 2020 is far different than it was only a couple of decades ago. Most people when they think of travelling by bus think of overcrowded public buses. However, chartering your own private bus or coach is a completely different world.
Modern charter vehicles are clean, comfortable, efficient and very safe. They provide an excellent solution for any group transportation requirements.
Bus Hire Compare is a leading transportation company in Australia. And our affiliates have a wealth of experience taking all manner of groups to every type of event conceivable.

Why Should I Choose Bus Charter?

The reasons for selecting a charter coach or hiring a bus for your next group event are many. But firstly these modern vehicles are reliable, comfortable, and fit for purpose.

Here are just some of the features that make choosing bus hire a wise move.


A charter bus provides a really comfortable mode of transport. The seats are relaxing and most of them recline. There is ample leg room, and there is normally a bathroom so there is no need to stop at service stations. Most modern buses now have TV’s and really good air-conditioning.


Travelling by coach is the safest way to travel on Australia’s roads. Modern coaches and buses are now fitted with all the latest safety equipment including newly designed seating configurations.

And the people behind the wheel are professional drivers that have been fully trained in how to drive on all roads and different weather conditions. It is their priority to get all their passengers home safely after enjoying their excursion.


A charter bus gives you point-to-point transportation which is convenient and easy. Unlike planes and trains that have embarkation hubs, a bus will transport you to the exact location you need.

Of course this saves on further travel from the airport or station with the added burden of carrying your luggage. There are also no check-in procedures or security checks to undertake.

The Benefits of Bus and Coach Rental

Travelling by coach or bus as a passenger you can enjoy luxury travel and entertainment at the same time. The facilities onboard are exceptional and you will have plenty of time to gaze out of the large windows and admire the countryside passing by.

  • Safe Travelling - boarding a charter bus you can forget all about the hassles of driving. You don’t have to follow a sat-nav or try to read maps. All the normal issues of driving are taken care for you. That is the responsibility of the driver.
  • Relaxation - when you travel by bus or coach all that you do is to sit back and enjoy the ride. You can chat to your friends, listen to music, or watch a film. So when you finally arrive at your destination you are fully relaxed and looking forward to your day ahead.
  • Space - as well as a great deal of extra legroom that you get in a private car or taxi, there is also plenty of space for luggage.
  • Affordable - not only is a bus safe and reliable it is also highly affordable. It is often the cheapest form of transport that a group travelling together can possibly get.
The next time you are considering a group excursion contact us at Bus Hire Compare and we will do the utmost to make your trip a great success.
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