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Women’s Groups Cairns

Thinking about joining a women’s group in Cairns? We’ve reviewed a few of them in our blog. These groups are a great way to meet new people if you’re new in town, or even if you just want to expand your current social circles.

For those trying to host group activities for women’s groups, organising the travel arrangements can be a major hassle. However, if you let Coach Hire take care of the arrangements for you with our affordable coach charters in Cairns, you can get on with organising all the other things that need your attention.


Women’s Groups Cairns – Girl About The Globe: Solo Tripping Around The World

Solo tripping around the globe is daunting, even for men. For women it’s even more so. However, one lady has done it and has made it her mission to empower other women to do the same.

She has established a great online resource about things to do, places to go and most of all, how to do it solo, in safety. So if going it solo is something you’d like to try, check out her website Girl About The Globe.


Women’s Groups Cairns – Girls Supporting Girls: A Group About Supporting Girls

Girls Supporting Girls is a women’s group in Cairns dedicated to helping women of all ages make the types of changes in their lives that come from powerful interactions with other like-minded women. A trouble shared is a trouble halved.

There’s nothing like talking with other women to put things into perspective. During long walks, long talks, long drinks of coffee and long activity filled days out enjoying the sunshine and Cairns scenery, Girls Supporting Girls helps women form new friendships and enrich their lives.

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Women’s Groups Cairns – Women’s Fitness For All Is All About Fitness

Eleonora is a lady on a mission. A mission to make Cairns ladies fitter and healthier than ever before. She runs a series of training sessions for women where her aim is always to teach women not just about fitness but about how to make fitness a part of their life.

Her group fitness classes are perfect for meeting other women with the same aims in mind. To get fit, stay fit and enjoy the many benefits a fit, healthy body can bring. Women’s Fitness For All can come to you or you can meet Eleanora in one of her many locations around Cairns.


Women’s Groups Cairns – Social Meetings At Cairns Ladies Social Meet Ups

Leave your comfort zone behind. Get out there and into the social scene with Cairns Ladies Social Meet Ups. If you have things in your life that bother you, joining this women’s group in Cairns is an ideal way to forget about them, or discuss them with other ladies who may have gone through the same issues.

The group goes on outings to the beach, movies, hikes, dancing, exercise classes, nights out on the town, dinners and plenty more. So get out your glad rags and get swinging. You’ll feel a lot better for having done so.

Get out there and be social. Cairns is not a big place compared to the major urban centres in Australia but it can still be a lonely place if you don’t have family or friends there. That’s where some of the amazing women’s groups in Cairns can really help. These groups are an ideal way to meet other women, form new friendships and get out and about.

women's groups cairns solo tripping girl globe girls supporting girls womens fitness ladies social meet ups

If you’re involved in women’s groups that hold a lot of group outings you’ll know that it can be difficult arranging transportation. Ideally you want everyone travelling together. It’s not just easier logistically; it’s also great for bonding and socialising. Coach Hire have a fleet of buses and coaches available for hire so are you ready to book your reliable coach hire in Cairns? Then contact our Cairns team to discuss your requirements.

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