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Top Restaurants Cairns

Tropical Cairns is located in the heart of some of the country’s best produce growing areas and this is reflected in the quality of the food on offer at many of the top restaurants in Cairns. And what a selection of dining choices you have here too.

From fine dining experiences that equal some of the very best anywhere, to cosy comfortable bistros and cafes, you’ll find it all available in Cairns.

Although Cairns is small compared to the capital cities, it nevertheless poses the same challenges when it comes to enjoying a night out wining and dining then driving home again. That’s why we think our reliable group transportation in Cairns is a great alternative to losing demerit points and potentially killing someone whilst driving under the influence.


Top Restaurants Cairns – Vivaldis Restaurant Is A Dining Highlight

For some of the very best tropical inspired Australian cuisine around you can’t go past Vivaldis Restaurant. From its intimate atmosphere to its impeccable service, Vivaldis deserves its 5 star accolades and reputation as one of the top restaurants in Cairns.

In addition to more classical dishes like delicious seafood and perfectly cooked steaks, Vivaldis also serves up some uniquely Australian dishes like kangaroo loin. And their cocktails have to be experienced to be believed!

best restaurants cairns top vivaldi's dining highlight c'est bon french linga longa international restaurant waffle


Top Restaurants Cairns – C'est Bon Cairns: It’s French For Superb

French cuisine comes to Cairns with savoir faire at C'est Bon Cairns. French décor and an authentically delectable French menu that utilises fresh local produce all combine with superb service to bring you a little bit of delicious France in Far North Queensland

According to some diners, it’s one of the best French restaurants they’ve experienced, which certainly puts it amongst the top restaurants in Cairns. The restaurant is also a firm favourite with locals and that alone is telling. Locals know all – the good, the bad and the ugly and anything that has locals returning time and again means it’s pretty OK.


Top Restaurants Cairns – Linger A Bit Longer At Linga Longa International Restaurant

Linga Longa International Restaurant is, as the name suggests, an expert in offering contemporary international cuisine. If ever you were tempted to linger longer in a restaurant, Linga Longa would probably be it with its cheery dining space, cheerful atmosphere and downright excellent food.

From Europe to Asia, you’ll find regionally inspired, deliciously cooked food served in generous portions by experienced wait-staff. It’s great value for money and the drinks are excellent too. We think it truly deserves its top restaurants in Cairns spot.

best restaurants cairns top vivaldi's dining highlight c'est bon french linga longa international restaurant waffle


Top Restaurants Cairns – Could Waffle On Cairns Serve Up The World’s Best Waffles!

Waffle On Cairns is open for breakfast and lunch and what a great way to start your day. Or break it up in the middle at this excellent and top restaurant in Cairns.

The waffles here are to die for, excellent value for money and definitely worth getting out of bed for. They’re deliciously light and full of flavour with superb toppings. In fact, they could just be the best waffles in the world they’re so good.

Their coffee doesn’t let the side down either – it’s delicious and perfectly made. As are their shakes.

If you’re heading to Cairns, and many visitors to Australia do, don’t miss these and other top restaurants in Cairns. They’ll leave you with long lasting and fond culinary memories of Cairns. But remember Australia’s drink driving laws when sampling some of those excellent wine and beverage lists. Our low cost coach charter in Cairns can help you – we make a great skipper!

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