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Top 5 Things To Do in Brisbane

Brisbane is dissected by its signature Brisbane River and with Moreton Bay, that offers plenty of aquatic-oriented experiences, activities and other outdoor attractions. We have identified for you the top 5 things to do when you visit Brisbane.

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1. Cruise the River with Kookaburra River Queens

Brisbane has its iconic river that serves as a focal point for many of the city’s activities and attractions. Many of Brisbane’s iconic buildings take on an entirely new aspect when viewed from the vantage point of the water, i.e the Story Bridge, Southbank Parklands and City Skyline, and one of the more unique and tranquil ways for doing so is taking a Kookaburra River Queens Cruise.

Old-style paddle wheel vessels can be seen plying their way down the river around the city’s waterways. It is a craftily constructed 30m boat,consisting largely of wood to add a vintage touch, utilising old-time shipwright techniques. The boat’s spacious top deck provides a unrestricted 360-degree excellent panorama scenic view of the city, whilst on the trip you’ll have some well-commentated insight on Brisbane’s various highlights from past to present. And also onboard, Dixie-style brass band will play some toe-tapping jazz and organ music which provide a touch of old-world class as well.

There are a range of cruises recommended, including a delicious lunch buffet featuring a diverse array of foods to choose from, with the mixed seafood-and-carvery menu containing hot and cold offerings both Aussie-style and international. The dinner cruise is perhaps the top highlight as the Brisbane River looks truly amazing in the evenings – the lit-up city skyline and the illuminated Story Bridge makes a romantic backdrop for a special occasion. It boast plenty of choices from fresh crabs, oysters and prawns to steaming beef and pork, and as well as options for vegetarians. Grabbing a drink and enjoying the top deck after a meal is essentially one of the most leisurely, relaxed and best ways to enjoy the spectacles of the Brisbane River.

So if you’re looking for a way to combine a sightseeing trip of the city whilst having a decent quality meal in a restaurant, Kookaburra River Queens is the kind of cruise that has it all.



2. See the Whales with Brisbane Whale Watching

Brisbane’s coastal aspect and the easy access to the vast ocean makes a great opportunity to see the gentle giants of the sea, namely the Humpback and Southern Right Whales. Whale watching from Brisbane is the shortest way for you to see your first whale sighting, it’s often possible to encounter your first whale after a mere 30 minutes of seafaring away from Moreton Bay – something of a rarity amongst the other capital cities.

Brisbane’s whale watching season takes place between June and November every year, and Brisbane Whale Watching operator provides eager participants with the chance to head out on the water and encounter the most surface-active, playful behaviour of all whales. Other marine life such as dolphins and sea turtles are also frequent to this part of the bay, adding to the diversity of the sightseeing experience.

Brisbane Whale Watching vessel is modern, big and comfortable with all the up-to-date onboard conveniences, and also was constructed with specially-designed engine mounting to help reduce noise and vibration that will make any irritation for the whales. The crew and its captain provides a solid combination of imparting knowledge and customer service, to have a top-notch experience because the tour would last around 5 hours making sure a smooth and pleasant overall day out on the sea.

The tour also includes a tasty and plentiful lunch consisting of a ham, beef, prawn, and salads, and as the vessel’s lower deck windows are at sea level, you’ll be able to see the whales while enjoying your meal which makes it more truly unique dining.

If you’ve ever wanted to tick the whale watching item off your bucket list, contact or book Brisbane Whale Watching and enjoy your trip.



3. Brisbane's Story Bridge Adventure Climb

The Brisbane's Story Bridge is one of the only three bridges in the world that can be climbed and providing one of the outstanding views in the region. Measuring 72 metres in height at its apex, which spans the Brisbane River and connects the popular Southbank district to the CBD. It’s a completely unrestricted 360 degree panoramic visual cavalcade showcasing a spectacle all the way out over the Brisbane CBD, Mount Coot-tha, Moreton Bay and further on to the Glasshouse Mountains and the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Before the climb, you’ll be provided with all the gear necessary for safety, a radio headset from your climb-guides points out local landmarks and icons as well as details on the bridge’s construction. Key facts and historical tidbits make a nice compliment to the views, and the entire journey up and back down the bridge is conducted at a pace that allows everyone to enjoy, without ever feeling being rushed, lasting roughly for 2.5 hours. There’s also the option to abseil back down to the bottom from a 30m pylon at the base of the bridge for a combined climb/abseil experience that’s one-of-a-kind in Australia.

The Brisbane Story Bridge Climb can be done at multiple sessions throughout the day, with each time period offering its own unique aspect, four separate experiences can be chosen including Dawn, Day, Twilight and Night climbs. Both dawn and twilight offer the opportunity to witness the Brisbane skyline under the red–orange glow of the sun, while day climbs are a solid balance, whilst night climbs showcase the lighted cityscape. Whichever appeals to you will largely depend on your personal preference.

Book Story Bridge Climb soon, to view the city of Brisbane from a supremely scenic viewpoint.



4. Moreton Island – Escape the Fake

Moreton bay remains one of the few untouched areas of natural wilderness along the east coast which lies just 25 kilometres away from the city. With white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and refreshing freshwater lakes make Moreton Island Adventures an amazing place to escape and unwind. It's an opportunity for more active types to embark on any number of water sports and shore-based fun as well.

If you’re looking to partake, the journey begins with the trip from the mouth of the Brisbane River, aboard a fast catamaran that takes just over an hour, and provides the chance for some marine life spotting along the way. Once on the island, you’ll be able to pick from a range of different packages that you can choose 3 or 4 from a possible 11. Enabling you to tailor your experience at Moreton Island to customize as you see fit. The variety of opportunities available are – ocean kayaking, stand up paddling, fish feeding, guided snorkelling and more – to experience the waterways up close.

Looking towards shore based activities, choices include ATV/Quad Bike for some offroad exploration, extreme sandboarding and try your hand at riding a Segway on the golden sands. Your choice of activity lineup here will likely depend on your level of comfort in the water, as there is a range of different areas on and off the island to explore that are best experienced via different methods.


Moreton Island Adventure offers an adventure-laden, tropical day out that ensures you’ll never be bored within easy striking distance for a day trip from the city centre.



5. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Lone Pine Sanctuary lies just to the north of Brisbane’s CBD, about 15-minute drive from the city centre, or you can take one of the scenic river ferry options that will bring you to the wildlife sanctuary’s doorstep. The park is the world’s first and largest Koala sanctuary, and has more than 130 koalas, due to Queensland law it allows you to cuddle a koala and you’ll be able to get a photograph with this most famous and fury of Aussie creatures.

Koalas aren’t the only focal point of the facility, you’ll also get to see interactive displays of sheepdogs and sheep shearing, hold a snake, view a variety of native birds, from smaller species of finches all the way up to massive and prehistoric-looking cassowaries, and tasmanian devils in their natural scenic settings. Lone Pine Sanctuary has also a platypus enclosure, which is exceedingly rare in Queensland. Meanwhile, kids will love the kangaroo and wallaby enclosure for a hands-on feeding with these Australian icons, and emus can often be seen strutting around as well.

The Birds of Prey show is a standout among these, seeing these swift and skilled aerial predators in action are always amazing as they swoop at high speeds to grab food tossed in the air. Other demonstrations highlight different parts of the animal kingdom, and are all included in the cost of admission.

If you’re in Brisbane and you want to see some Aussie wildlife, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary makes for a great and enjoyable introduction to the animals of the country.

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