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Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Here at we constantly form close ties with associated businesses that we regularly work with. One such company is Adelaide Haunted Horizons who we now offer our popular group transportation services for people who wish to take advantage of this great ghost tour operator.

Adelaide Haunted Horizons

For those lucky enough that live in South Australia you have a great treat in store, because on your doorstep is one of the most realistic and spookiest tours in the whole of Australia.

The motto of Adelaide Haunted Horizons is Keep it Real! Which ensures that every visitor receives a lifelike and realistic experience. There are no tacky effects, or actors in costumes, things are at a completely different level.

The venues are all genuine, chosen for their unique chilling stories and past events that have made them legendary. This means that many of our clients come back time and again to have their pants scared right off them.

Research is the Key

One of the main driving forces behind this terrifying but great company is the owner Alison Oborn, who personally takes it onboard to search for and then research spooky venues, and scary places.

Alison Oborn was born in a haunted house, her early experiences filled her mind with many questions about the paranormal. And in 1989 she decide to set about and to find the answers to some of these ghoulish questions.

Alison has now put together a team of Paranormal Field Investigators, and visitors on her popular spooky tours can join her team for an experience of a lifetime.

Alison takes great pride at coming up with spine chilling experiences for her scary group tours in and around Adelaide. And one of the most popular recent additions has been a visit to the abandoned and desolate Z Ward Asylum. You can almost hear their demented moans of the ex-patients echoing around the deserted and desolate corridors.


Adelaide Haunted Horizons has picked up many awards for their spooky tours. Named as South

Australia’s Best Tour & Transport Operator for 2015, 2016,and 2017 at the South Australia’s Tourism Awards, the company has stamped its mark on group tours in this part of Australia.

Adelaide Haunted Horizons is also an inductee to the Hall of Fame, for South Australian Tourism.

The Terrifying Tours

If you fancy a really scary night out with your friends what could possibly better than taking an authentic but gruesome tour with Alison and her team. You will find the event more than hair-raising and some might say downright ghastly.

There are some brilliant spooky tours available, including Ghost Tours, Ghost Hunts, Dark History and extra special eerie tours.

Ghost Tours

Nothing could be more terrifying than taking a ghoulish Ghost Tour, and Adelaide Haunted Horizons provides five great Ghost Tours. Adelaide Gaol, Adelaide Arcade, Railway Museum, Old Tailem Town and Z Ward Ghost Tours.

Ghost Hunts

Chasing down creepy and eerie ghosts might not be everybody’s cup of blood, but for those that enjoy the supernatural Adelaide Haunted Horizons offer some thrilling Ghost Hunts.

Such as the Former Royal Adelaide Paranormal Investigation, the Railway Museum Ghost Hunt, Z Ward Asylum Ghost Hunt, Adelaide Gaol Ghost Hunt, Old Tailem Town Ghost Hunt, Adelaide Arcade Ghost Hunt and the Torrens Island Quarantine Station Ghost Hunt.

Dark History

Parts of Adelaide have a really dark history, and the true stories of some of these places have to be heard to be believed. Visiting them brings a sense of dread and impending doom, but is also thrilling in the extreme.

The Dark History tours take in: Former Royal Adelaide Hospital History Tour, Adelaide Gaol Murder & Madness, Z Ward Asylum Murder and Madness, Adelaide Dark History & Crime by Night, Gawler Dark History and Glenelg Dark History & Crime Tour.

The Special Tours involve the Moonta Paranormal Investigation, Burra All Night Paranormal Investigation and Halloween Victorian Ghost Hunt.

Going on a really special tour with Adelaide Haunted Horizons is not your normal group coach expedition. Alison and her team provide something quite unique and definitely worth trying.

Their professionalism at providing real venues that have deeply disturbing histories is what makes Adelaide Haunted Horizon Tours such an authentic experience. And here at we are glad to have such a great relationship with such a professional company.

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